The 11th Finland


International Summer Ballet  School


Veronika Ivanova

Born in Leningrad.

Joined the Mariinsky Theatre in 1985.

Coach and Repetiteur in St. Peterburg's Yakobson Ballet Thgeatre

Nikita Shcheglov

Born in Leningrad (St Petersburg).
.Joined the Mariinsky Theatre in 1991.
Soloist since 1997.

Anastasia Dunetz

Born in Leningrad.

Joined the Mariinsky Theatre in 1988.

Stanislav Belyaevsky

Born in Leningrad.

Joined the Mariinsky Theatre in 1991.

Marina Vishnevskaya

(character dance teacher)

Marina graduated from Vaganova Ballet Academy in St. Petersburg  during the teaching of famous ballet teachers Gensler and Zubkovskaya.

She worked in many academic ballet theatres in St. Petersburg, Minsk's national Bolshoi opera and ballet theatre. She visited such places as Paris, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Tokio and many more as a ballet and character soloist dancer.

Marina teaches ballet and character dance since 1998. Her lessons are professional and have a positive atmosphere. She tries to pass to her students the professional and artistic experience and skills of her own. From Marina's point of view, in classic ballet not only hand's and leg's right positions are important but also the feeling of the dance and the music.

Russell Adamson

(contemporary,jazz teacher)

Russell has have being involved with this wonderful dance for over 35 years and his first introduction was the Matt Mattox Style – taught at the time by Daniela Loretz. He learnt other styles of jazz with Fred Benjamin (New York), Deirdre Lovell and Christopher Huggins from the Alvin Ailey Company, New York. Claude Paul Henry (London), Rick Odums (Paris), Frank Hatchett (New York). Arlene Philips (London), Fred Man (Fosses Style) New 

Rasmus at home (1)_edited.jpg

Rasmus Ahlgren

(ballet, repertoire)

Vaganova Ballet Academy graduate 2018

Participant of FISBS 2015

Young soloist of Perm Opera & Ballet theatre since 2018

Jyri Spiridonov




2005 - 2009

Professional qualification in dance / dance teacher. Karelian College of Culture and Arts. Petroskoi. (4 years)

2009 - 2012

Professional qualification in dance / North Karelia College Outokumpu. Finland. (3 years)

Work experience:

2014 - present
Tanssiopisto. Joensuu. Ballet/Contemporary dance teacher. Finland.

Finland International Summer Ballet School. Contemporary dance workshop. Savonlinna, Finland. Director – Konstantin Karin.

Joensuun tanssiopisto. Nykybaletti kesäkurssi.

2017 – 2018

2015 – 2016

2013 - 2014
“Dancing whirlpool” international contemporary dance project launched under ENPI Karelia Program. Assistant of choreographer. Choreographer – Jyrki Haapala.

2011 - 2014
North Karelia college Outokumpu. Ballet teacher. Finland.

2009 - 2012
Outokummun Naisvoimistelijat. Ballroom dance teacher. Finland.

2007 - 2009
National Ensemble of dance and song of Karelia „KANTELE“, dancer. Petrozavodsk. Russia.

2007 - 2009
Independent dance group „Mysterio“. Petrozavodsk. Russia.

Kristian Ratevossian

Choreographer, Guest teacher, Tour Organiser 2010-Present

Anton Korsakov

Honoured Artist of Russia (2010) 

Prize-winner at international ballet competitions (Vaganova-Prix in St Petersburg, 1998, and Finland, 2001. 

A survey by critics for Dancer of Europe magazine listed him as “Dancer of the Year” in 2005.

Born in Leningrad (St Petersburg). 


Tatiana Linnik

In 1986-1989, she danced with

the Mikhailovsky Ballet (Maliy (Small) theatre of Орега and Ballet)

1988-2010 - Кirov Ballet theatre

(the Mariinsky Ballet Company).  

Guest Techer

Valeria Kasparova

Born in St. Petersburg.

Since 1998 I She studied at Kannon Dance House jazz dance technique, modern, contemporary dance, partnering, improvisation. 

Now working as a freelance choreographer and dancer, and still working as an asisstant and performer/dancer at Kannon-Dance House.



Professor in Ballet International Methods
Doctor of Literature-History of the Theatre
Director of La Maison de la Danse studio and Head of professional training courses
Organizer of international events and competitions
Bachelor Degrees and other titles:
Faculty of Literature - History of the Theatre -Pisa University, Italy
Degree as Ballet Professor at the prestigious I.S.T.D. Of London Cecchetti method
Member of the International Dance Council of UNESCO
Member of Russian Ballet Society of Edinburgh
Teacher higher levels of Aid&a, national italian insitution for ballet
Judge in Examining Board and Competitions
Artistic Director of the La Maison de la Danse Academy of La Spezia Italy
Teacher recognized by AFPDanza Ticino and Danse Suisse, Switzerland (CH)